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Oklahoma State University

The 2016 Annual Meeting of the CIVE Advisory Board took place September 29-30, in the new Bert Cooper structures lab conference room

2016 Annual Meeting of the CIVE Advisory Board

Front row left to right:
Randall Baker, Paul Green, Tom Graham, Brian Orr, Ali Frazel, Norb Delatte, Pranav Mehta

Back row left to right:
Michael Mills, Tim Oberlender, Kevin Koerner, Tom Ratzki, Ed Stokes, Fred Campana

The two day event included a dinner and meeting with faculty, staff and officers of student organizations on Thursday evening. Members held meetings with Dean Tikalsky, faculty members and foundation personnel during their two day meeting. Many items were discussed, including introduction of the new CIVE Department Head, Norb Delatte; introduction of one new faculty, David Lampert; and current ongoing research. The CIVE Advisory Board was briefed on curriculum and asked for input on reducing the credit hours required for a B.S. in CIVE. The Board adopted a new CIVE Policy for the Advisory Board.